Almost noon

#FlashFictionFeb (Final prompt is to write a story using only dialogue.)

“Toby, you gotta come up outta that sun, it’s almost noon. We can’t stay out here forever, you know they already lookin’ for us.”

“I ain’t never comin’ up outta this sun. I ain’t never gonna see the dark again. Fourteen months in that hole, I ain’t never comin’ up outta this sun again.”

“Toby, you scarin’ me. We gotta go, now. Jump up out that sun and let’s go. They comin’, Toby. I know they comin. Ain’t no time for none a’ yo’ spells.”

“This sun ain’t close enough. I gotta find me a mountain and sit up on it, as close to the sun as I can get. I ain’t never comin’ outta this sun. Never.”

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As a former transportation industry writer, I learned that a regular paycheck is nice, but writing about something you're no longer interested in is miserable. Apparently, I like writing more than money - so I'm back to freelancing at 52. It's not as altruistic as it sounds, I'm also cranky and difficult and refuse to fit in anymore, making steady employment pesky and potentially dangerous to my psyche.

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